Sunday, September 15, 2013

Labor Day in Chincoteague

We might have started a new family tradition of heading to Chincoteague for Labor Day. Originally, the trip happened on Memorial Day weekend. But, unless you are at the beach every Memorial Day, you may not know that it rains every year at that time. You could probably guess the water was cold - which is not the best time to go to a beach if you want to swim.

The trip was then moved to 4th of July - and we had a string of great ones.

But this year, Labor Day made the most sense, so we gathered a crew of new and returning 'Teaguers alike, and it might have been the best trip yet.

Connor still has mad boogie board skills, which he happily showed off.

Ed found a Horseshoe Crab washed up on the shore. Luckily, it was not too stinky.

Helen has surpassed the Mr. Whippy sign in height. Click here, for past years' photos.

Connor and Helen can practically lead the Captain Barry's Backbay Cruise - and bonus this year - a photo of Connor and his friend Eamon appears in the brochure. This cruise has provided so many great memories for both me and the kids. As has been noted in these pages before, I take particular pleasure in finding activities that I loved before I had kids, that I love with my kids as well.

Our new au pair was game for the campiness of Captain Barry. She's even smiling at the end!

The water was a little rough - so there wasn't a lot of going out super deep, but there was lots of playing near the shore. Helen has decided that wave jumping is her sport of choice.

Up next? The treasure hunt dreamt up by my friend. It's what kept 'Teague fresh for us this year - after 18 years of visiting!


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  1. Ah, I love Chincoteague... Dave and I ended up there on a spontaneous weekend get away years ago, and had such a great time that we decided to get married there:-) I love seeing your pictures.