Monday, August 6, 2012

Getting Bigger, Measurements by Mr. Whippy

In general, I like to travel to new places. There are just too many great places to see, and I'll never get to see them all. However, there's also a certain charm to revisiting old places. Ed and I briefly considered bailing on Chincoteague this year, but found a note Connor had written in the craft room on a wipe board about how much he loves Chincoteague and especially Captain Barry. Once we found that, our fate was sealed. Off to 'Teague we'd go.

The first year we took Helen to Chincoteague, she spontaneously hugged a wooden ice cream cone at Mr. Whippy's (2009). She repeated the feat in 2011. This year, our friend's daughter got in on the action as well - which I think means she's obligated to come with us every year from here on out so I can keep recreating the photo! Next year, I'm guessing Helen will be taller than the sign!

Here's Helen through the years.



2012, with Luna

2012, with Luna

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  1. My head is exploding at all that cuteness! Especially with the two girls. :)