Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Getting Around on Vacation

Ed and I are on the brink of an enormous parenting milestone. We can almost bike to the beach with our children. At present, Helen is still riding the trail-a-bike behind Ed, but my backseat has been put to rest in the shed until I have time to pass it along to the next person. This is possible, because Connor is rocking his own wheels these days.

I love it. And not just because my bike is 25 pounds lighter!

We also added kayaks back into to our list of great things to do in Chincoteague. It felt great to visit Snug Harbor for the first time in 6 years and paddle around. This was one of those activities that Ed and I have always loved, but we've been afraid to take the kids. This year, we gritted our teeth and just said "we're doing it". It was totally the right call.

As usual, our arms gave out well before our alloted time on the ocean. Next year, maybe we'll make the whole morning. Another Chincoteague milestone of being given a paddle with kayak rental still seems a few years off for Helen and Connor.


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