Monday, February 4, 2013

Homemade Valentines

Part of the cost of attending a Waldorf school is that valentines must be hand made. No popping a box of pre-printed doozies in your shopping cart and calling it good. Most years, Valentine's Day falls conveniently after our annual ski trip, and that means my mom is tasked with making valentines with her grandchildren. It's a great system...for me.

Last year, I introduced Connor to the joy of a pre-made cards. This year, quite unexpectedly, he announced to me that he'd like to make his valentines. I had been planning on working with Helen that day, so adding him into the mix worked well.

First, we cleared away our breakfast dishes and painted our paper red. I was planning on indulging in a little painting myself, but between wetting the paper, preparing the painting boards, and making sure paint did not get anywhere it wasn't supposed to - I missed out. Connor and Helen each made two red sheets. Helen was sure to hold her paintbrush just right, so Peter Paintbrush wouldn't fall off the end of her brush.

After the paper dried, we traced hearts,

cut out the hearts,

This may be the last photo ever of Connor's awesome hoodie. He wore it to a birthday party and when Ed went to pick him up, it was gone. Grrr...
and then for Connor's cards, we added lollipops.

Connor addressed cards to each of his classmates and both Connor and Helen signed their names on the back of their cards!

Voila! Project complete in 1 day.


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