Friday, February 15, 2013


Tonight, Ed and I went to a concert opened by Dan Navarro. Before his longtime partner Eric Lowen died from ALS, he toured as half of Lowen and Navarro. By the time I discovered Lowen and Navarro, opening for Eddie from Ohio, Eric Lowen had already been diagnosed with the disease.

Eric Lowen lived with ALS for nine years. As Navarro said onstage tonight, he fought a two year disease for nine years. He kicked it's ass.

And a few years ago, I would've said how unfair it was that someone would die at age 60. How awful that a disease could take you to the next dimension after nine years. What a raw deal.

But today? Today I want my friend with ALS to get those nine years that Eric Lowen had. I want my friend to be granted that same amount of time. Because my friend? He's just as strong, and just as loved, and his life is just as meaningful.

Which is just to say, a lot can change in a few years. Those nine years now seem like an eternity, a wish too grand to even utter out loud.

And yes, I'm realizing that we all have exactly one life to live, and we don't get any other promises, it's hard not to be upset. It's not fair.

Not one teeny-tiny bit.


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