Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy Mardi Gras

Last Tuesday was Academic Night at Connor's school. This is the evening that many teachers set up fun activities for students to do from 6 - 8. There are lots of math games, physical education games, the counselor sets up a cooperative game, there was a marketplace that helped children learn to allocate money, and the school's turtles were features. Having a sibling present saved Connor and Helen in the marketplace. They'd spent nearly their whole month's salary and needed housing. They cleverly joined forced and rented a 2 bedroom apartment together, which save both of them lots of dough.

It was hard not to think about last year, which was when we met Ms. Raimondo for the first time. Connor was delighted to show off for her. We missed her this year, but also love knowing she's surrounded by her awesome family right now.

Connor had fun seeing friends in the hallway and participating in the activities. Afterwards, we made the bold decision to let Connor and Helen stay up late and head to a local Mardi Gras parade. I gave them one G-Rated demonstration on how to acquire beads, and they were soon masters. The parade started at 8:00 and we probably stayed for a quarter of it. By that time, Connor and Helen were having a hard time holding their head's up with all of their new jewelry.

Beads, beads - the beginning.

Beads, beads - the end.
Something tells me it's going to hard to make them forget this event next year - so we'll see you on the streets next year, too!


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