Monday, February 25, 2013

There are some questions you just don't ask

I have a friend who has given me a lot of great advice over the many years we've known each other. Normally, I try and be a "let's get to the bottom of this" kind of person, but she's more of a "let's just see what happens" kind of person.

A few weeks ago, we were discussing mice in homes - and I told her the strange story about our singular mouse - which of course makes no sense - but it was over 2 years ago now, and we haven't seen another *knock wood*.

During the course of our conversation, I noted the absolute impossibility that a mouse traveled alone. Without batting an eye, my friend looked at me and said "Elaine, there are some questions you just don't ask".

Thanks, Chris, I have a feeling that's going to be a valuable piece of advice as my children age.


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