Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Stonyfield Smoothies on the Moo-ve Ski Trip

Armed with a lunch box full of snacks and the brand new YoKids Smoothies, we set out Saturday morning for Liberty Mountain. The trip is about 90 minutes by car, and the hope is always that the kids will sleep, but that doesn't often happen. To save time, we've mastered the art of the car breakfast. Tradition dictates that we stop at the Pizza Hut on the way home, but that trip was eliminated on Saturday because Helen had a birthday party to attend in the afternoon.

Connor gets car sick when he reads on the road and Helen is chronically asking for "just one more story" in the car, which can be exhausting for the storyteller. (Why can't they just learn to knit like I do?) This trip, Stonyfield gifted me with a box of cards "52 Fun Things to do in the Car" which Helen was exceedingly excited about testing. As it turns out, the cards we read were more suited to Connor, but the games did kill a good half of the trip to the mountain, which was a blessing. Because that story about Helen when she was a baby? It's getting old. At least for me.

We were lucky enough to be joined by my friend Ellen so when we met for our 10:00 snack break, I foisted a smoothie on her daughter Esther. I knew Ellen would approve because the Smoothies are made with real organic fruits and veggie puree (don't tell Connor about this last bit!), they're not too big, and they're a nice alternative to most snacks you can grab and consume.

Three happy consumers!
So there you have it - three happy kids, drinking three nutritious smoothies from Stonyfield, with enough energy to tackle the mountain for the full four hours of fun. Esther actually made it all day, but after our four hour pass expired, we hit the road.

It was a very cold day - but we were ready! Well, after we bought hand warmers, we were ready. Note to self - next time it's cold, we're starting with the hand warmers right away!

Connor loves tearing down the mountain. And I love my new camera lens. Tough conditions, but I'm getting the hang of it!

Thanks, Stonyfield! We had a great day. And if anyone is at my house in the next couple of weeks, hit me up for a Stonyfield yogurt smoothie!


Disclosure: As noted in the post, I received free yogurt smoothies from Stonyfield, the deck of cards, and discounted lift tickets. All opinions are my children's, and they don't give a hoot about anything except taste.


  1. I am quite impressed by their ski performances.
    ps. We do like the Stonyfield products in our home too.

  2. It looks like your kids had an awesome time! I am so excited to try out the new Stonyfield Smoothies. My kids love the adult version so I am sure they will love the kids. Thanks for sharing.

  3. My kids are loving them too. Our smoothies were on the ski slopes too!