Sunday, February 5, 2006

Ready for next week

This weekend, we did lots of playing and laughing. Connor moved on to acorn squash and seemed to like it just fine. He's decided that I am his number one gal - and is allegedly happy to hang out with Ed when I'm not around. It's pretty cute from my point of view. Maybe he's hitting the stranger anxiety - Mommy attachment phase a bit on the early side. What a precocious little guy he is. But, lest Ed feel too bad, tonight Connor was sitting on my lap looking up at Ed with total adoration. After a while, I pointed it out to Ed who was watching the Super Bowl and he agreed it was definitely cute.

Tonight Connor went to bed at 9:15 instead of 8:00 because we were watching the Super Bowl at a friend's house. So far, so good. Connor is getting much better at sitting up and is much more keen on tummy time these days. Ed thinks he's going to take off crawling sometime in the near future, but I'm not holding my breath. It will be cute - but it will also probably point out how dangerous my home is. EEK!

But, I must point out, the most amazing thing is that Connor truly doesn't seem to mind the car these days. THis is an absolute miracle and I am very grateful for it. We don't take him in the car that often, but when we do, I don't even cringe at the thought and dread it.

He spent a bit time staring at his reflection in a metal bowl this weekend. He seemed enamored with the funny perspective.

Ed is busy killing swamp crickets in our basement. I guess that's the down side of having 60 degree days in February.


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