Wednesday, February 1, 2006

He giveth, and he taketh...but at least I was well rested

I guess the 10 - 6 sleep was a bit of a fluke, because last night was not so hot. But, hopefully tonight he'll be back to enjoying sleep. Olimpia thinks Connor may be teething - and seeing how she's witnessed many children get their first teeth and I've witnessed no children, I'm inclined to think she might be onto something.

These photos are from about 8:30 tonight. Yes, Connor's bedtime is 8:00 - but he wasn't too interested in bed at that time. It's actually nice for me and Ed to get extra time to play with him - and it's not like he has anything to do in the morning.

And no, he's not actually crawling, Ed is holding him up. Did we trick you?


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