Thursday, February 16, 2006

Life is so unfair

Do you want to know how unfair life is? If so, read on. Today, my little man who is checking in at 14 pounds, 4 ounces got stuck with needles FOUR times! And let me tell you, while his weight may be in the 5th percentile, his lungs are surely amongst the strongest. When I was leaving the pediatrician's office - with Connor still wailing, knowing parents could hardly look me in the eye. When they did make eye contact, it was with an "I've been there and I know it's rough" sort of look. Maybe by the next time we have to go through this, someone will have invented an oral vaccine. please?

Connor's length is now in the 75 percentile - woohoo! - and he's still Mr. Bighead, with a head in the 75th percentile as well. Note to Connor: Dr. R. thinks you would be heavier if you were less active and slept more. Thanks, Dr. R. I hope you didn't spend too long in med school figuring that out.

But, if you thought Connor getting the shots was unfair, I made a deal with Ed that he would be responsible for the 9 month appointment because I took the 3 month one as well - which also had FOUR shots. Guess what? At nine months, kids only get one shot - but they also get blood drawn from their finger for the first time. Looks like I should've off-loaded this appointment in favor of the next one. DOH!

Connor received the A-OK for his health today, and Dr. R. said I was lucky he wasn't inspired to roll over yet because it just makes them harder to take care of. She also said that really happy contented babies often roll later than others. I guess she surmised from the giant mess Connor made of the paper on the exam table that he was happy and contented. And, note to physicians everywhere, putting a roll of paper near a six month old can be a fabulous distraction, and when moms have to wait over 30 minutes in an exam room void of toys, that paper can be pretty entertaing. I'm happy to say that Connor was able to punch a foot through, crumple up, and drool on a good amount today. You go, Connor!


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