Friday, February 10, 2006

Pizza Party!

Pappy came to town yesterday and Connor got to celebrate by eating pizza. Like father, like son. Actually, I can see the days of having my own food are just about over as Connor is happy to relieve me of anything on my plate that looks pretty good. In retrospect, giving him the pizza crust to gum last night was better than what I unintentionally gave him today. Let's just say if anyone sees paper come out Connor's behind - I don't know anything about it.

Today we tested Mims's camera out at the National Museum of the American Indian. I'm not sure Connor was very impressed with the museum, but I figure he might as well get used to hanging out in places like this with Pappy! He made it quite some time before we decided it was time to leave.

The bonus was we got to meet Daddy for lunch and share his water!

It's supposed to snow tonight, which meant that the grocery store was a nightmare. I don't often get stuck with that job, and I'm hoping I don't get stuck with it again for quite some time.

And, as you can see from tonight's final photo, Ed is trying to sucker Connor into thinking that the kitchen is a fun place. Take it from your mama, Connor, Wait, you can't even roll over yet, maybe you should just sit there and pretend to like it and run once you figure out how.

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