Monday, July 6, 2015

Taking her cake decorating skills to the next level - Curious Chef

For Father's Day, I decided to unleash the power of cupcakes and frosting when Helen and Connor had friends over, and much to my surprise - the project actually turned out well. Helen took a cake decorating class after school last year, and she is more than happy to tell us all how much she learned. I set her up with a box of cake mix, her brother, and a mixer - and told her to work her magic.

She was totally up for the task.

I hooked her up with a set of reusable cupcake wrappers from Curious Chef, which were a huge hit. (And since we make muffins every Monday at our house, these are going to get a lot of use!)

But I'll admit. When it came time to filling those wrappers, I took over. Because I just didn't have it in me to clean up a big mess.

The decorating was a huge hit - and just to test the Curious Chef frosting decorator tube, I had the kids trade around bags of icing and the fancy plastic decorating tube. Hands down, we got neater (and better) results with the plastic tube than the old-school bags.

Everyone went home with a box of cupcakes, and Ed even scored these, from my messy Marvin, aka Connor.

Fun times - and I will definitely be purchasing some Curious Chef gift sets in my never-ending quest to find unique birthday gifts.

Happy (late) Father's Day, Ed!


Curious Chef gave me the decorator tube and cupcake wrappers. Stay tuned to see a knife they gave me in action. It has turned Helen into our official green pepper chopper.

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