Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Connor started playing piano at the end of second grade. I'm not sure what about it captured his eye, but he seems to enjoy making music - and he's getting pretty good at it. Now that he's also playing trumpet, I figured he might want to scale back to one instrument. I asked him a few weeks ago whether he wanted to stop playing piano and he told me no, he loves how happy it makes his grandma.

And indeed, I think it does make her happy. It also brings me great pleasure, and I have a big dream that by the time Helen is in 5th grade, Connor can accompany a violin solo of hers.

My parents came to visit for the end of the year recital, and Connor played great. His teacher and I met years ago when Helen and her older child were in parent-child class together, so it's always nice for me to have a chance to chat a bit with her.

During my parents' visit, Connor even squeezed in some time playing with my mom, who started playing piano a few years ago.

His teacher has closed her studio while she travels this summer, which has enabled Connor to focus on trumpet lessons, which he started a few weeks ago. Who knows what will happen when the studio reopens, but no matter what, he's learned a lot about playing an instrument these past few years.


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