Thursday, July 30, 2015

Iwo Jima Concerts

We've been playing tourist in our home town a bit this summer, and for the last two weeks, we went to visit Iwo Jima for the Marine Drum and Bugle Corps for their sunset parade. I haven't been to this event in years, but since Connor has taken an interest in learning how to play his trumpet better, I figured this would be a nice event for him. That, and I love a good parade!

The first week we went, I failed to bring my camera, which is too bad because the light was beautiful that night. The second week we went, we brought friends from Connor's and Helen's class. We arrived a little later than I had hoped, and ended up being on the edge of the crowd. As we were unfolding our blankets, some folks tried to squeeze in front of us with their lawn chairs, but luckily they became too embarrassed to follow through with their plan when my friend and I asked them to please not sit right there - you know - where we're putting our blanket. grrrr...

The band gets super close to the crowd, and the precision with which they play and march is impressive. Then, of course, there's also the part where guns get fired, which is pretty exciting.

There are military bands playing free concerts throughout the area all summer long. Next summer, I'm hoping to get to more of them. What say you, sister? Ready to join us?


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