Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Consumer Education

Ed has a fascination with Jiffy Pop. He'll pick some up for camping trips (it always burns) and when we went to Williamsburg for the 4th, he surprised us with a package.

Connor was super excited (Popcorn! Yum! We always forget that it burns every time!) and so even though the directions very clearly say that an adult needs to be the popper, he was ready to take a go at it.

Only...this particular package had a small part where the foil was separated from the base, which meant that popcorn started flying out of the package during the popping process. Never fear, Ed expertly aimed the package so the popcorn was not shooting directly at any innocent bystanders, but I think at least one or two burning hot kernels were stepped on by Connor or Ed.

As the hole widened, Connor became more skeptical, but Ed forged onward.

Until eventually, we enjoyed some (partially burnt) popcorn.

When we got back to town, I suggested Connor write a letter to Jiffy Pop to let them know about our experience. He sensed immediately that this was a good time to offer up a colorful story. Here's what he came up with:


Dear Makers of Jiffy pop,

I was excited to try Jiffy pop for the first time. As I was taking the top off, I noticed that there was some oil on it. I started popping the popcorn when I realized that there was a hole in the aluminum casing. Popcorn started flying out. It was a madhouse! A bunch of kernels fell on the floor. I stepped on one. It hurt a lot because it was still hot! Then, a second hole opened up in the aluminum casing. More popcorn started flying out. It was even more of a madhouse.

I think you should figure out how to make certain there are no holes in the casing. This way, other people will not have popcorn flying at them and they won’t risk burning their foot on loose kernels.

No word from the fine folks at Jiffy Pop yet. But regardless of how they react, it was a nice exercise in putting together a letter.


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