Wednesday, April 30, 2014

White House Egg Roll - Take 3

I love attending the White House egg roll. If tickets were still available by camping out, I'd be dragging my tent down for the night. This is, admittedly, a different opinion than most folks I know (including Ed!). My enthusiasm for the event has rubbed off on Connor and Helen.

While we were waiting in line for the egg roll, I told the story about Helen basically thinking the task of rolling an egg across 8 feet of lawn was an exercise in ridiculousness back in 2012. Connor was thrilled that he had launched his egg across the lawn. Helen decided that this year, all bets were off. She was racing Connor to the finish.

First, they lined up.

Connor gave a huge flick to his egg, and launched it nearly to the finish.

But Helen was catching up!

And in the end, they were both thrilled with their slightly broken eggs, impressed by the large trash can of broken eggs that was at the finish.

Helen owned the obstacle course this year - flashing her fancy cowboy boots as she hopped over a little obstacle.

Connor was most pleased by the boat he built in the science experiment area. The first boat sunk, but the second one not only floated, it was able to carry a cup of beans around the pond. The volunteers working that booth were exceptionally nice and Connor had a great talk with them about the failed project and what might make things work better.

By the end, we were exhausted and hungry - so we snagged our commemorative wooden eggs and headed home.

That marked the official end of the Easter season in our home.


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