Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Playing on the Carpet

Helen and I spend most Friday afternoons together. A few weeks ago, we built a puppet show using many of the silks we have dyed together. Helen must be a little wiser than I give her credit for, because at one point, she covered our spring display with a carpet of snow.

This story was about a King and Queen who lived in a castle. The castle was surrounded by water. Beyond the water was a beautiful meadow, full of flowers that bloomed during the show. There was also a little pond and a dirt bank. At one point, the scene was covered with a white cloth as it snowed.


Yes, it snowed a bit.

Helen performed the show in a ridiculous wig that she purchased with her OWN MONEY. (Thank you, Grandpa Rodney for the shiny $10 bill you gifted Helen the last time you were in town. It's been burning a hole in her pocket for a while now.

I had the opportunity to sit with Helen's assistant teacher (whom she adores) this past Friday morning at a class potluck and Mrs. M. told me about a day that Helen and her friend G. had the whole class entranced in a puppet show they had created. There sat twelve children, watching these two girls. Only one child had a cell phone that beeped in the middle of the performance, and he was quickly escorted out of the show by a police officer. The rest of the audience thought that was hilarious.

I'm going to miss these days next year.


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