Monday, April 7, 2014

Play Ball!

Helen tends to prefer crafting over running. She can string beads for hours, but ask her to play soccer and she'll pretend to play by standing in front of the goal and deeming herself the goalie. In part, I think this stems from the competition in the house. Who wants to be constantly outdone by a big brother?

I'm not exactly sure how Ed did it, but someone he convinced Helen to try girls' softball. She attended a clinic with girls ranging from Kindergarten through grade 3, and that about made her throw in the towel. We talked her off the ledge by explaining that the third grade girls were on different teams.

During Helen's first practice, which I note was held when it was cold enough outside that Connor's team opted to skip practice (good for me, as I had one fewer places to get a child to that night), the head coach's older daughter played first base. Helen walked out of practice excitedly reporting they had a THIRD GRADE GIRL on the team - which obviously a ringer, and obviously good news. She was a little disappointed when she learned the third grader wasn't a permanent part of the team.

She's tougher than she thinks. And she can stare down anyone.

Practices were rained and snowed out and finally, Saturday arrived, and it was game time. Helen was nervous before the game, noting they'd only practiced once. Ed and I assured her that the coaches would tell her what to do. And really, Helen has no idea, but she has absorbed a lot about baseball over the past three years. She's in great shape.

The game went off without a hitch. Helen played hard, hit the ball off the tee, and ran straight down the line. One of the assistant coaches spent a lot of time with her, which really made her feel good about what was going on.

My heart melted at the end of the game. We were leaving and Helen exclaimed "That was awesome!".

Indeed, Helen. You go girl.


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