Friday, April 13, 2012

White House Egg Roll 2012

My friend Kim scored White House Egg Roll tickets this year, and kindly took the little people and me. Because last time we attended the Egg Roll, we missed the actual egg roll event, I was determined to go there this time. Thankfully, Helen and Connor obliged when I told them I wanted a photograph of them doing the egg roll.

By the time our turn came, Connor was super amped up. Helen? Well, Helen was in one of her slower moods, so even though Connor completed the egg roll with about 3 whacks of his spoon to his egg, Helen set a more leisurely pace.

Connor - preparing to dominate the egg roll.

One hit places him ahead of the pack. Helen? I have no idea what she's doing back there.

And with two hits Connor is almost across the line! Helen? I have no idea what's taking her so long.
Connor? Finished. Helen: Are you serious that I have to get this stupid egg all the way to the next line?

Eventually, Helen did finish. And, the girl has so much moxie that as Connor gloated about coming in first, Helen respond "yeah, I think I was second".

There were tons of characters walking around the lawn, and this is mostly lost on my crowd. However, the Cat in the Hat showed up and that was awesome!

The President and Mrs. Obama also showed up.

Michelle Obama - You Rock!

Don't mind us, we're just having fun on the White House lawn. No need to look our way!

And in case you wondering why my kids were dressed in sweats (I certainly was!), it turned out to be a good thing when it came time for the obstacle course.

And when a real football player tells you to knock something down, that is more fun than you could imagine. Really. Just ask Connor.

We crafted, we drank water, we ate apples and clementines. Finally, our time was up, so we exited. But not without grabbing the white house lawn photo first!

The event was loads of fun. Connor and Helen were thrilled with the M&Ms that they got with their wooden eggs, and I was reminded that even though 2 hours is not enough time to do all of the activities, we couldn't have made it 5 more minutes if we had wanted to.

Thank you, Kim! We had a ball!!