Friday, April 27, 2012 the School Store

After the semester break, a "school store" opened. I presume it's some fun way to teach math or something of that ilk, but maybe it's for kids who lose their stuff. I don't know.

My drop-off day is Friday. Occasionally, when I work from home on Thursday, I drop off Thursday as well. Thursday happens to be one of the days the school store is open. Because I can't seem to manage to get Connor to school very early and I often don't have my wallet with me (which lessens the chance of getting fleeced by some random request to buy something - but also means I can't take a detour to the coffee shop on the way home), he wasn't able to make a purchase at the store a few weeks ago. So I told him we could make a purchase the next day, but the store wasn't open the next day because it was Friday (possibly why I didn't realize it had existed for so long?).

This past Thursday, I sent him with $2. I told him to not purchase something we didn't need - like a canvas bag with the school's name on it or a pencil (because apparently pencils reproduce in our house because we have about 20 million, none of which is ever sharpened).

As soon as Connor got to school, he left his babysitter in the dust, darting through the front door straight to the school store. She turned to walk Helen home, and at that point, Connor purchased 2 erasers that look like hands (because we need those?).

However, when he got home that night, he gave me $1 change and showed me 1 eraser and told me it cost $1. I was a little shocked at the price tag, but it was $1, so not really worthy of much investigation.


Today, when I picked Connor up from school early, I spent a few minutes talking to his teacher at recess. She told me that Connor had purchased an eraser from the school store and given it to E., a girl he has been saying he will marry for quite some time. Apparently, they hold hands in line whenever girls are in one line and boys are in another, they sit next to each other all the time, and by all accounts, Connor is the driving force in this relationship, if you can call it that. At recess today, E. came up to me and told her Connor was trying to kiss her. I told her to tell her she wanted a high five.

What's funny is, this relationship seems to be contained exclusively to school. Connor never talks about E. at home, he didn't want to invite her to our annual egg hunt, and really, I have no idea where the whole thing comes from!

But, I did think it was cute that he bought her an eraser. I'm sure she loved it, and he did fess up to having purchased 2 erasers and giving 1 away when I asked about it today.

Ahhh...first grade love.



  1. This is so sweet. A similar emotion happened to Beezus recently for the first time . . .

  2. Very cute. Hope he won't be in trouble if he does try to kiss her.
    ps. kissing is not prohibied in schools in Europe.