Monday, April 16, 2012

The 6th Annual Egg Hunt

Since 2007, we've been hosting an egg hunt at our home. This is something my parents did for my sister and I for enough years that I have lots of memories of the event. Our hunt started innocently enough. A friend and I were knitting, I tossed out the idea, she threw in that she wanted to make a cake shaped like a bunny and a tradition was born.

At first, we'd have adults hide the eggs and the kids would find them. But then we learned that Connor and Helen think this is much of the fun! This year, I think they hid more eggs than anyone else!

Super stealthy hiding on the climbing wall.

Will anyone look behind this bush?

The Bunny Cake!
I think we're up to hiding over 400 eggs at this point - all in the name of me not being interested in having any child not have a full basket. Connor and the neighbor kid suggested we count all the eggs and then ask people how many they got so we could make sure we got them all back. I suggested they just live a little and not worry about the squirrels having a little bit of sugar. Interestingly, in the few hours between hiding and hunting, at least three eggs were chewed through by some clever animal. I was pretty amazed by this. Usually this only happens to eggs left overnight.

Next came the neighborhood egg hunt. Wow are there a lot of kids around here!

We also attended a hunt put on by a nearby group of restaurants that we frequent.

Last year, Connor went to a nearby hunt and developed a horribly unsuccessful strategy. He had decided that he would pick-up only "golden eggs" (worth big prizes) and had surely envisioned an overflowing basket of these. That is not how things worked out.

I was thinking about that strategy this year and you know what? It's genius. If you always do what everyone else does, you can always expect to be average. But if you go out on a limb and try thinking a different way? The rewards could be great. Despite early failure, I hope Connor goes out on lots of limbs. Sometime, I bet the rewards of such behaviour will be sweeter than can be imagined now.

Another Easter in the bag!



  1. it is a special time indeed. (Laurence)
    This year Natalie had more fun hiding them again after having found them.

  2. I love this! And you clearly have mad cake skills! I adore that bunny cake - how did you make the ears? Did you just hand-cut them from a round cake?

    1. Thanks! My friend, Elaine (same name), has the mad cake skills. The bowtie and ears all come from a round cake pan. just cut out the bowtie and the ears are left over. Clever, eh?