Thursday, May 1, 2014


Connor is the super proud owner of a $25 check to spend at the school book fair. He won it in a school-wide contest to estimate the number of crayons in a large jar. He was within 8 of the correct number. Reportedly, his class cheered so loudly when his name was announced over the loud speaker that the teacher couldn't hear whether Connor was supposed to go to the office to claim his prize or get it from the librarian. Talk about making a kid feel special! On top of that, when I was walking around the school with him, staff members kept saying to him "Are you Connor Harris? Congratulations on winning the book fair prize." These were staff members that have no regular interactions with him. It's quite impressive how many of these folks try and figure out the names of every student in the building. There's a real skill to that, and it made Connor feel great.

He combed through the list of available books and settled on the Star Wars: Dark Nest trilogy - which should keep him busy for about a week. It should also further ground him as the person in the home who knows the most about Star Wars.

Now...if only he'd correctly guess how much yogurt is in his cup when we go get Frozen Yogurt. That's worth a free yogurt!


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