Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Fools Day

Connor has been looking forward to April Fool's Day since last April Fool's, and I do believe he got the first trick of the day in. As I wandered from bed to bathroom he shouted "Mom, come quick! There's a raccoon."

Admittedly, my first reaction was "who cares?" but because he was so excited about it, I ran out (even though I knew I wasn't going to be able to see anything because I hadn't yet put my contact in my eye).

And that's when Connor started laughing.

Helen was not as subtle in her tricking. She kept begging me to sit next to her at breakfast. I needed to get out of the house though, so I wasn't going to eat breakfast. Ed intervened and told me the kids were really hoping I'd join them, so I told them I'd have a glass of juice. It was then that Helen came back into the bathroom and said:

Mom - the place next to me at the table is reserved for you.
It is April Fool's Day.
Do not look down when you sit, there are no tricks going on here.

She then shrieked with delight when I sat on the whoopee cushion she'd been gifted as a party favor the day before.

I did get one trick in on the little people.

When I came home from work I said:

Bad news. We're only having one thing for dinner. Spinach.

Their faces dropped, and then they both started laughing - and claiming they hadn't been tricked for a minute.

Happy April Fool's Day,


  1. Aw, your April Fool's is adorable. What awesome kids. Thankfully my kids have not yet become interested in April Fool's Day. I, however, love to get my husband, but I gave him a pass this year—and probably next year—because I have to lull him back into his sense of security. He's become too hypervigilant. I'm taking the long view here.

    1. I was actually wondering if you'd get Alex this year or not, or if the gerbil population increase had maybe been enough chaos in the house.