Monday, April 1, 2013

7th Annual Egg Hunt is in the Books

Since Connor was 1.5 years old, my friend Elaine P. and I have been co-hosting an egg hunt. I supply the plastic eggs filled with candy; she supplies the bunny cake. The hunt was born out of an evening knitting session, where we were tossing around ideas for celebrating Easter. Ever since my house was almost leveled by toddlers running rampant through it finding eggs because it was too cold to hide them outside, it's become an event that cancels for rain. We needn't have worried this year. We had perfect weather.

At this point, Connor and Helen have become responsible for filling the eggs and hiding the eggs. This doesn't diminish their enthusiasm for the event at all. In fact, on Sunday morning, Connor was bragging to me about some of the eggs that he hid in very tricky places but that nobody found except him. Ya think?

We started out with spoon races and an egg roll. It was about this time that I remembered how last year I had decided to make wooden eggs officially marking the hunt, akin to the White House eggs. Unfortunately, it was too late to carry through with that plan. There's always next year, though.

Here's how to have an egg hunt.

First, the eggs must be hidden. We are super lucky to have a neighbor that lets us use her yard for hiding eggs, because there's no way I could keep the hunters out of the eggs if they weren't in a fenced off area.

Pause for dancing!

The spoon race.

Look at that egg fly off the spoon!
And I had missed this the first time, but Connor is actually cheering for Helen in this photo. She's determined not to drop it, as you can see from her face. More importantly, she's taken the important step of actually holding the egg with her free hand for added protection.

Followed by the egg roll - second to none, I tell you - even the one taking place today at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

We had an egg toss - but since I let the kids use hard boiled eggs, it wasn't very funny. Which is probably a good thing, because kids crying with raw egg on them is also not very funny.

And finally, the hunt!

Happy Easter!


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  1. Looks like fun was had by all ! Love the action shot of Helen.