Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Project Completed: The Sandbox

Last fall, Ed and Connor built a sandbox. Shortly after that, we intended to fill it with sand. Only, because there was new grass growing beside the sandbox, the truck could not deliver the sand, because the driver was fairly certain his truck would sink into the mud and get stuck.

Over the winter, we could have had the sand delivered when the ground was frozen, but we were never inspired to do so, given that we had shoveled more snow than we ever thought possible in Northern Virginia. The thought of shoveling sand overwhelmed us.

This Spring, I called the quarry. Naturally, our order was no longer "in the queue" and it would take them a couple of days to locate the piece of paper indicating we had paid and were owed a massive amount of sand. We arranged a drop-off day. Only it rained, so we had to cancel. And I think both our neighbors and us were beginning to doubt there would ever be sand out back. Diligently, we sat studying weather reports and when we saw a window approaching (hot days to dry out the ground and dry days to keep the ground from getting wet again). Much to our delight, the truck was able to deliver our sand on the appointed day. Unlucky for us, it was a lot more than we needed.

Isn't Connor such a trooper? He literally dug right in to level the sand.

Even Helen pitched in!

Ed and I removed a large wheelbarrow full and a big box full, and still, the sandbox overfloweth. So Ed and Connor built a taller sandbox, which is actually a good thing all around because it's more fun to dig in deep sand than shallow sand.

The painting crew arrived on Sunday.

And finally, finally, we have an awesome sandbox that should provide many hours of fun. Oh the outside projects I will finish this year.


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