Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day, 2010

Tomorrow, I get to celebrate Mother's Day, as a mother, for the 5th time. Here's the 4 year wrap-up.

Year 1: Connor sleeps in on Mother's Day, possibly the only day he ever slept in that whole year. I think he made it to around 7:00. I still remember how well-rested I felt.

Year 2: Connor gave me a tea kettle to replace one that had been broken. We also enjoyed lots of treats.

Year 3: Helen came along and woke up bright and early to spend the day with me. Connor slept in Ed's arms at the Nat's game which was quite enjoyable.

Year 4: I'm pretty sure I slept in and enjoyed a leisurely day, after a big weekend of excitement (Friday, Big Trucks Day in Herndon and Saturday, Natioanl Train Day).

This year? I'm planning on waking up early so that when the kids come downstairs at 6:30 or so, I'm showered and ready to have fun. We're going to romp in the yard, go to the park, and start a tradition of having a "just us" morning.

And at noon? I'm ditching the crew and going shopping with my girlfriends!


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