Sunday, May 16, 2010

He hasn't missed a beat

Yesterday was the official opening of our (former) neighborhood pool. Our current neighborhood doesn't have a pool, and we are so lucky that we got off the wait list for our old neighborhood pool before we moved, because the out-of-district wait for this pool is 10 years. Few things in life are worth waiting 10 years for, and that includes a pool membership. But, because we were members before we moved, we were able to leave the neighborhood, without also leaving the pool. (And since our move was only a mile, while we can no longer walk to the pool, it's still easy to get there.)

Sadly, the neighborhood pool uses the sun as its only heat source, so while it opens quite early, it can be cold. But the string of really hot days around here made for a pretty comfortable little pool, so we played there. Connor and Ed headed over to the big pool briefly, but Connor decided it was too cold. I don't think Ed even got his swim trunks wet.

As we were ending our visit, Connor mentioned he'd like to go off the diving board. And he did. So I bring you, the first jumps of the season. This was a huge deal last year.

Connor mounted the board confidently. Thankfully, last year's pool manager returned, so Connor didn't need to complete the swim test. Sam, the pool manager, has seen Connor jump off the board 100 times, and didn't even walk to the deep end to serve as back-up lifeguard when he saw Connor heading to the diving board. (Perhaps because he didn't want to have to jump in the cold pool!)

Connor paused to say a quick prayer (which I would've done too, had I not been snapping away on my camera).

And then he jumped right in.

Helen mentioned wanting to go off the board, but she knows she needs to be able to swim without a life jacket before she can do that. My money is on her coming pretty close to performing the task by the end of the year.

She did decide she wanted to dive off the side of the pool, which requires either Ed or I to get in the pool to catch her. Ed took one for the team on this one.

But as soon as Ed hopped into the pool and nearly froze to death, Helen turned around and announced she had changed her mind. She decided she'd rather "bask in the sun".

Score? Ed 0, Helen 1.



  1. Amazing what parents (dads) will do for their kids (and their spouses) to keep the peace.

  2. well done Connor!
    Helen I admire your decision to wait a little bit...