Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Resolutions - 2009 Edition

So...the moment you've all been waiting for, a look back at last year's resolutions and a look forward at this year's resolutions.

From last year:
1. Meet my children where they are. I'm keeping this resolution from last year, although I made great strides in meeting it, I realize it's one of those lifelong pursuits. I'm hoping the repay the favor when I'm old and drooling on myself, and ask them why we're vacationing in Hawaii, when in fact, we're hanging out somewhere far from Hawaii, but my mind isn't aware of that fact.

2. Finish the summer sweater. HA! I don't think I even picked this up last year. I can't even remember where it is, though I do remember the color and how much I like the pattern. Better keep this one around as well.

3. Declutter. Uh, yeah, not too good here either - though I did make strides, and am making more strides as I pack up the house. I did, however, get a lot better about not keeping everything, which meant the clutter didn't grow exponentially this year.

4. Start the morning with thanks and situps. This one I get a yes and no on. I do, in fact, spend a moment each day to be grateful for my children's good health. Sadie moved on to the next dimension last year, despite a whole lot of people hoping otherwise. If that wasn't a wake up call to be grateful for what my children have, I don't know what would be. The situps, happened for about 1 month. Through no effort of my own, though, I weigh less than I did when I became pregnant with Connor, which means part of my tummy did melt away.

5. Get back into the pottery studio. Failed here too.

Hmmm...guess the report card on keeping resolutions isn't that good for me. But...I'm doing it again.

1. See above.
2. Keeping from last year.
3. I'm only going to put things away in my new house that have a place. If there's no place for it, I will either create the appropriate space, or live without it. One thing that will help with the kid clutter is getting all of Connor's beloved crafts into one room - with a door. I will let him keep all his supplies in there, and keep them out of the rest of the house.
4. My health resolution for the year will be to go jogging with the baby jogger one time per week. Connor can help me out here by learning to ride his bike proficiently, because then I can chase him on it. But even failing that, surely once each weekend I can take one of the kids for a spin.
5. Set up a functional pottery studio at home, unless Ed threatens to divorce me for doing this. And use it. So Ed doesn't mock me for not using it.


  1. 3. I do this too. I think the sign of a great gift is when you know exactly where it'll go because it fits so nicely in to your life.
    4. If you ever need a jogging partner, call me. I'm always good for a tad of motivation.

  2. i like the idea of being thankful each morning. gonna steal it, if that's okay :-)

    p.s. not sure you realized that was me yelling hello into your office on tuesday ;-)