Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Missing her brother

Monday, Helen went with me to drop Connor off at pre-school. When he walked in the classroom, Helen motioned that she wanted down and started to follow him right in. Only, I had to stop her, because only the kids in the class go in. Wow, was she mad. It occurred to me that this was the first time Helen had ever seen me drop Connor off somewhere that she wasn't going as well.

Next stop was to drop Helen off at Laurie's house so Ed and I could move without having to worry about children underfoot (our au pair left on Sunday - surprise! she told us on Saturday!). The last time I dropped Helen off, she was mad. But yesterday? She just waved good-bye. It was as if to say "you've already ripped my heart out woman, by taking Connor away, so perhaps it's best you just go too."

Helen was delighted when Connor showed up after lunch to be with her.



  1. Oh Elaine - how touching. It's cool to see them developing a relationship apart from us, isn't it? Ruthie has had quite the easy transition to daycare, aided in part (I think) by knowing that Esther is down the hall.

  2. Ouch- these transitions can really pull at the heart strings!!