Wednesday, January 21, 2009

PS to Helen

I failed to include a few other things from the past two months.

First, you walk around saying "sit, sit, sit" all the time, only it doesn't come out like that. Instead, it sounds like "shit, shit, shit" which is very funny, because the latter phrase is usually more appropriate than the one you are intending to say. At one point, Connor asked me "Is Helen saying 'hit' or 'sit'" and it was at that moment that I was very thrilled that Connor did not know "shit", because that would not have been a good parenting moment - and he likely would've started walking around saying "shit, shit, shit".

You have mixed up yes and no, so often when I ask if you want something, you say "no" and then get mad when I don't give it to you. It very much explains why you do things when I say "no" though. Apparently you interpret my answer to be "yes". Hopefully we'll get this sorted out together soon, because it causes lots of aggravation on both ends.

You can follow complex commands. About a week ago, you were lucky enough to get to attend David's birthday with Connor. David's mom was super kind and let you make a pizza along with all the 'big' kids, and you very diligently spread sauce around, and then carefully picked up small handfuls of cheese and sprinkled them on your pizza. It was quite remarkable. At the end of the party, Connor got a goody bag from David, and in it was a crayon that had three interchangeable tips. Later that afternoon, you were playing with it, and decided to bring the crayon to me. Only, you had broken off the red tip. So I said "Helen, there used to be three tips to this crayon. Please go get the red tip and bring it to me" and off you toddled all the way down the hall. You picked up the red tip and brought it right to me to assemble. I was pretty impressed by this.

And, possibly the coolest skill you have, that you've had for quite some time, is that you can blow your nose. I know your Grandma in Kansas gives you big points for this one. It's going to make your vacation with her in February very nice.


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  1. Helen, could you please give my kids lessons on nose blowing? They could really use it, trust me.