Sunday, January 25, 2009

My favorite things

My very favorite thing about Christmas in DC is the many train displays. We head to the Botanical Gardens several times during the season (and this year, it was indoor, which made the weekday trip when it wasn't crowded even better than past years, because the kids could run around for a long time without me freezing my tail off). Connor loves this, and because I can trust him not to run off, he really runs around and explores, meeting many other people he can talk to about the trains. He will let them know, for example, which ones were broken on our previous visit, which ones are new this year, and which one is the longest. I figure it's OK because their kids are running around too telling me "LOOK!".

Helen, on the other hand, cannot be trusted to not run off. Here's what she did at the gardens as I followed her around.

The only surprise? Despite the look of pure evil crossing her face, she did not dive into the water.



  1. I'm constantly afraid that one of my kids is going to be the one that falls into a body of water somewhere.

  2. She wouldn't be the first of our children to jump into a body of water at the Botanic Gardens! Although the appropriate term for Teo is "losing his balance" into the water.