Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The resolutions...

A few years ago, I decided to start making New Year's resolutions. The year I decided to drink more champagne (a resolution borrowed from a friend) I did pretty well. Last year, though, I pretty much failed. So this year, I'm writing 'em down - and come December 31, 2008 - I'm going to look back at this post and see how I did.

1. My number one resolution of the year is to try very hard, every day, to meet my children where they are. Since I've been home, I notice myself growing annoyed at answering the same question approximately 300 times each day. It drives me crazy. Mostly, it drives me crazy because Connor knows the answer to the questions he asks. I really think he's just trying to make conversation, and he's doing it the same way adults make conversation with him. How many times have I asked him something that I already knew the answer to? A lot. This year, when Connor asks me "do you remember when we saw that pussycat?" rather than saying "Yes, Connor, just like I told you two minutes ago, I remember." I'm going to leave the annoyance on the table.

2. Finish the damn summer sweater. Before I became pregnant with Connor, I decided to knit myself a very cute summer sweater. It's sleeveless, and the back has been finished a good number of years at this point. But the front? Well, the pattern is tricky, and whenever I cadge a few minutes to knit, it always seems too difficult to just pick up plus, it's not very fun to knit something that you're not going to be able to wear it. Unlike past summers, I will not be pregnant this summer or next summer, so I don't have that excuse.

3. Declutter my house. I am a packrat. I have only recently come to terms with the fact that my mother no longer stores the trophies I received for playing softball, participating in the pine tar derby, and other random childhood events in her home. Just imagine all the things I have in my home. Last year, I was going to do this - and I had a plan. Tackle one room each month. I got through Connor's room and my bathroom, and even tossed a bit of junk from the attic and part of my room. And then I was feeling awful while being pregnant, so I stopped doing anything extra, let alone a job that wasn't essential. Once the plan derailed, I was sunk. This year, I have pretty good motivation. We're going to undergo either a renovation or a move. If the former, I will kick myself for every box of crap someone has to take effort to carry that eventually ends up in either someone else's home or the dump. Rather than kick myself later, I'm weeding things out now.

4. Start the morning with a moment of thanks and some sit-ups. I returned to my pre-pregnancy weight within 6 weeks of giving birth, but not my pre-pregnancy shape. If you remember the Special K ads from years ago, I can tell you this. I can indeed, pinch an inch, or more. By the end of the year, I hope this inch has melted back into my body. And, while I do these sit-ups, I'm going to take a moment to be thankful for the good health of both of my children. Two ear infections for Connor, some jaundice for Helen, and a few minor colds are the sum total of their illnesses. I was recently reminded of my good fortune when my mom called to let me know that my cousin's daughter has relapsed with cancer for the third time. She just celebrated her 8th birthday. The drugs aren't working and the doctor is predicting weeks, not months or years. So when I take the time to be grateful for my own two children, I'm also going to ask desperately that a miracle is sent to Nebraska for Miss Sadie. If you have a god or higher power you pray to, please take a few moments every day to join me in this resolution for Sadie. She needs it.

5. My final resolution of the year is again, a failed one from last year. I want to get back into the pottery studio on a regular basis. It won't happen until the au pair arrives, but I already have big plans for some sushi sets, new mugs, plates, and a few bowls that I've been promising a friend for a long time.

Happy New Year!

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