Thursday, January 17, 2008

Apparently, we need more talking friends

Ed and Connor went to hang out at JWTumbles during "Pay to Play" while Helen was supposed to be napping, but instead faked me out by napping for a half hour - a half hour I foolishly spent doing dishes instead of sitting on my behind, only because I was going to enjoy sitting on my behind reveling in the thought that I had a clean kitchen and no toddler - and then proceeded to cry because, oh I don't know, she has reflux, or she's teething, or she's just all of a sudden in a pissy mood because she realized she'd been too damn happy all day, week, month?!?

Anyway, while they were playing and I was trying to comfort a screaming kid with a half-clean kitchen, some 5 year old decided to converse with Connor at the top of a slide. Connor's reaction? He headed down the slide, ran to Ed and exclaimed "That kid was talking to me!" Only problem - seems as if little man was so excited by the fact that another little person talked to him in an intelligent manner (he reportedly said "do you want to go down the slide first?") that Connor forgot to answer, though he did go down first. And, to be fair, it's not that everyone Connor hangs out with regularly doesn't talk, it's just that they're 2, and that means they tend to say stuff like "What's Zoe do?" or "mine" or name objects they see, which I guess does not impress Connor nearly so much as a random stranger who asks him a question at the top of a slide.


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