Thursday, January 10, 2008

Finally...someone to go to museums with

Every year, my parents used to toss my sister and I in the backseat of the family station wagon for two weeks. Two. Weeks. With. The. Family. I will not begin to describe these adventures, except to say that the definite lowlight for my sister and I were the moments my dad announced we had made it to a museum. A MUSEUM, GIRLS! It's FUN!

And then, we would pretend to be suffering from some sort of grave malady that rendered us unable to walk. We would look up at our mom - our only hope of getting out of this predicament - and plead with her to please, please, please let us stay outside in the burning heat and clean our toenails rather than endure the suffering of walking through a historical place.

Connor, though, he's a different sort of bird. He actually likes museums. His favorites are Air and Space and Natural History. A couple of days ago, Connor wanted to "go to the museum me and my daddy went to!", so off my dad and Connor headed to Natural History. Thank you, Connor. You are forever going to be the favorite grandchild after this move.

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