Friday, February 6, 2015

Valentine's Cookie Warm-Up with Walkers Shortbread

Helen opted to take cake decorating as an after-school activity this semester. I'm very eager to see the results of this effort. I'm hoping I can hand over all household cake decorating duties to her at some point. She certainly seems eager for the task!

On Wednesday, after one of her sessions, she came home with a partial bag of icing. Not one to let something go to waste, I hooked her and Connor up with a bag of Walkers Shortbread, which are delicious butter cookies.

Connor and Helen worked their magic, and turned the little round cookies into these babies, many of which I quickly gobbled down!

This was just a test batch. We're planning on decorating more for the neighbors this weekend. We haven't brought cookies around lately, and Valentine's Day marks the perfect excuse for an impromptu visit. And since time is tight, using cookies that have been baked for me seems like a good strategy.

Happy Valentine's Day, All! And thank you, Walkers, for the yummy cookies. They were delicious even before Helen and Connor got to them with the extra icing.


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