Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thank you, other mom

There is a mom in Helen's class that volunteers to help children with their handwriting and reading once a week. She's a consistent presence in the class, and I know Helen loves her. Helen is one of those children who - at least at the start of the year - needed a fair amount of extra attention.

When the mom works with Helen, she never tells me about how Helen's letters are getting more legible or any other academic comment. What she says to me is this - and she's said it on a number of occasions - "I just love Helen. She is always so nice to every other child in the class. She is just a joy."

And every time she says it, I almost cry, because I am so stinkin' proud of that kid.

Thank you, other mom, you have brought me more joy this year than you will ever know.


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