Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Daddy - Daughter Dance

The Girls Scouts host an annual Daddy-Daughter dance. There is an afternoon dance, attended by mostly younger scouts and an early evening dance attended by the older girls. Helen was thrilled to get tickets to a ball - and as expected, Ed was a fantastic sport.

First, of course, Helen needed to select just the right dress. At first she was planning on wearing her Elsa Halloween costume, but at the last minute, she decided to go with my pink dress, that my mother made me when I was a little older than Helen. That pink dress has seen a lot of twirling, and I'm sure it got at least a little bit of a workout at the dance.She did add a silver crown for good measure. Anything less would've been a little mundane for Helen.

Ed was willing to wear the tuxedo he got married in, but after selecting a pink dress, Helen thought his blue suit looked better. She selected a colorful tie to go with the suit - and they were off!

The dance was held a few blocks from our home, the parking can be difficult, and the weather was not great - so I volunteered to be the lovely couple's driver. It was an absolute hoot, with Ed opting to sit in the back seat while I pretended to have never met either of them before.

Ed reported that Helen was a bit shy when she got there, but she had a great time. Afterwards, Ed took Helen across the street to the mall to purchase her two Taylor Swift CDs, which Helen is quickly falling love with.

Most dapper couple at the ball, I assure you!


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