Thursday, February 26, 2015

Still a Lunchbox Staple - YoBaby for My Elementary School Children

I despise packing school lunches, but Connor and Helen won't regularly eat the school lunch (and to be fair, I wouldn't eat very many of them as a child, and the vegetarian selections are quite limited). It's probably in their blood not to like them. Lucky for me, Ed has scored morning duties most days, so he packs most of the lunches. Helen has been amenable to bringing hot lunches from home (which is awesome, because she'll have leftovers from the night before), but Connor is a little less interested in this route (though getting better)!

Ed and I prefer to vary our diet, so it's hard for us to imagine eating the same thing for lunch all of the time, but I guess Connor doesn't mind it. We still switch him up a bit, but have basically settled on:

  • Jelly sandwiches, frozen shrimp (which thaw by lunchtime), and smoked salmon for mains.

We top the box off with yogurt (either YoKids Squeezers or YoBaby), cucumbers, and fruit. Helen has upped her game by adding granola to her YoBaby, which she has decided is a very decadent treat.

I cannot believe I still get away with sending YoBaby, but Connor and Helen both love the smooth texture of the yogurt and it's just the right amount to help them get filled up at lunch, can be eaten in its entirety, and isn't that messy!

Sadly, the very cold weather we're having has kept me from gifting this super cute hat and bib Stonyfield gifted to me to a friend of mine who just had a child. Photo forthcoming when we finally meet up!


Disclosure: Thank you for the baby items, Stonyfield! Can't wait to post a photo of my friend's baby sporting the hat and bib. Thanks also for the coupons! I was not required to write about Stonyfield; my children love your yogurt and eat it almost daily!

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