Thursday, January 31, 2013

Don't Mess with Me and My New, Blue Earrings

Helen has a box of blue beads. In that box, are some very fancy jewelry making doo-dads. And though she doesn't yet have pierced ears (and in honor of the band Eddie from Ohio, when she asked I sang "and we couldn't pierce our ears 'til we turned 12 no matter what!"), but that hasn't stopped her from dreaming.

Only recently did she become aware that I have my own pierced ears. Unlike Helen, I don't have a snazzy sense of style, and it wasn't until my sister gave me some cool silver earrings for Christmas that I started wearing earrings more consistently.

Armed with the knowledge of my pierced ears, Helen brought me into the craft room a couple of days ago and we set about turning her earring posts into "real, dangly earrings" and we came up with these.

The best part about making earrings with Helen is that she refuses to call a crimping bead - the last bead you put on which then gets smashed to keep everything else in place - a crimping bead. She calls it a "shove it bead", which makes perfect sense.

I love my slightly too-blue earrings with shove it beads. Every time I'm wearing them and someone annoys me, I just flick my head a little bit and think "shove it".


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