Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Tale of Christmas Money

Helen and Connor's great grandpa sent them money for Christmas. This prompted a trip to the toy store, which was extremely exciting for Connor and Helen.

Helen is a rather deliberate shopper. She gets few chances to go into the giant toy store, so when she's there, she makes the most of it.

This year, her eyes fell on an electric guitar. My heart sunk as I thought about the cacophony of noise that was about to invade my existence. But then Ed noticed a Dora ukelele nearby. Normally, I'm not a fan of branded merchandise, but when choosing between electronic and branded, branded seemed the least offensive.

Helen is now the proud owner of her Dora "guitar". She loves it.

The first thing she needed to do was make a proper case. We cut the top of the box the guitar came in, sealed the sides of the box, added a strap that Helen fingerknitted, and then put a button and ribbon on to lock the case. She added padding inside the case to protect her instrument.

Next, she needed a strap for the guitar, which we added last Friday.

Helen decided that guitar players need to wear earrings, so she sat down and made herself some long, dangly, pink earrings, that she figure out how to attach to her unpierced ears.

Finally, Helen is ready to rock!



  1. Must plan a jam session soon.

    Given the choice between electric guitar and Dora branded merchandise, you absolutely made the right choice !!!

  2. Just read it (1/29). I hope she is still taking such good care of it and that the noise is not too bad.

  3. I love that you support her interests even when it may cause damage to your ear drum!