Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dude Ranch

I have no idea why I've wanted to take my kids to a dude ranch forever, but I have. Unfortunately, kids need to be at least 6 at most of the ranches to be able to go on a trail ride, and going to a dude ranch and leaving a kid behind seems pretty lame.

Tonight, I realized that we are only one full summer away from my dude ranch dreams.

Me: Will you be joining me and the kids on our dude ranch vacation the summer after next?
Ed: Huh?
Me: It's in Montana.
Ed: How are we going to get there?
Me: We'll probably walk.
Me: No, I'm just kidding. We'll teleport!

Ed doubts my ability to teleport to Montana, but in the few moments I've been typing this he's come around to the idea of going to a dude ranch. He wants one with a little stream running through it, maybe a little mountain nearby.

Mom, Dad, Linda, Bill, Anna, and Emily - it's time to round-up the family. Summer 2014.

All others - suggestions welcome. Must accommodate kids and teens.


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  1. I am not joking when I say that every since I saw the movie "City Slicker" I have wanted to go to a dude ranch.