Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Update on My Broken Connor

Since Connor fell from the zipline, I’ve spent a lot of time reliving that moment. Now that I know the outcome, the memories are worse than when it actually happened. When it was actually happening, I was pretty hopeful that this was just a scary fall that would knock the wind out of Connor but he’d be running around a few minutes later. Not so, as it turns out, not so.
The quick version of the story is:
1. Trip to ER to determine the break cannot be set, must be seen by orthopedic surgeon the next day. Arm bandaged for overnight. Attending physician jokes that Connor won't be released until the baseball games are over because he's enjoying Connor's frequent updates.
2. Second trip to ER because Connor broke out in hives covering most of the area the bandage touched, as well as skin near the bandage where Connor scratched. Diagnosis of being allergic to either the codeine he was given in the hospital earlier that night or the bandage. My money was on bandage. The ER physician's money was on codeine. The nurse humored me and unwrapped the bandage completely, wrapped Connor in cotton, and then put the bandage back on top of the cotton.
3. Visit with orthopedic surgeon the next day to learn the break was complete and the two pieces of bone were not touching. Surgery advised.
4. Wednesday - cleared to take Connor to Nats first home game in the post season. Game is so boring and depressing Connor falls asleep for part of it.
5. Thursday morning, surgery. Grateful that my parents were already en route to my home for a planned trip. Learn post-surgery Connor is allergic to everything that touches his skin. He was given Benadryl during surgery to control the hives. Surgeon decides Connor must be allergic to the ER bandage, not the codeine. Orders test dose of codeine. We wait. Connor does not react. Phew. We have a pain med we can give him.
6. Thursday afternoon - parents arrive. Amen. Pain meds start.
7. Friday night - go to baseball game and have heart broken as Nats lose in gut-wrenching fashion. End of a great season. Glad parents are around because they're the only people I would've left Connor with.
8. Tuesday night - Connor slips on linoleum floor and falls on his arm. My heart stops. Call to surgeon, more pain meds, reposition arm, thankfully the pain goes away before we have to take another trip to the ER - KNOCK ON WOOD! This is going to be a long 4.5 weeks.
9. Later Tuesday night, Connor comes downstairs with MORE HIVES. This is starting to kill me. Seriously. I need to just hook him up to a constant flow of Benadryl. I need to hook myself up to something, too.
10. Connor spends an hour watching the Yankees-Detroit game, doing play-by-play announcing and having a ball. Ed notes that the little guy is pretty fun to have around.
11. Bed for everyone. Please let tomorrow go smoothly. I'm not sure how much longer I can handle all this stress - and I'm not even the one with the broken arm!


  1. We are here, dear friend. Hope writing all this out was a cathartic process for you.

  2. The absolute worst of all this is that Connor has to endure pain, itching, and not too much activity (which might be harder on you and Ed). But OTOH he's got a priceless story for the rest of his life, you have great insurance, he learned a lot about life (as we all did). Feel better, both of you.

  3. Hope Conor heals fast and the pain goes away quickly. That's hard to see them in pain. But I am sure he gets a lot of attention from his classmates and everyone wants to have a broken arm too.