Monday, October 29, 2012

Frankenstorm, Day 1

We survived Day 1 of Frankenstorm. Our lights flickered regularly, but so far, they're hanging tough. Thank you, to whomever trimmed trees or made offerings to the utility goddesses to keep things working in the neighborhood. I sincerely appreciate it. If the neighbor's treehouse stays put through the storm, it will be a miracle. We had a small debate about whether the driveway (which is close to the treehouse) or the street (which seems vulnerable to random debris) was the best place to park the car. We chose driveway. Hope that works out.

Because our home is near a hospital and allegedly shares power lines with that hospital, the power in our neighborhood rarely goes out. And when it does, it tends to get restored quickly. That's somewhat comforting, except when there's a hurricane outside? It doesn't matter what power comes back online first, because nobody's power is being fixed until the winds die down. And also, we lost power for, the neighbor's claim, the first time in FOREVER during the Spring's derecho, and I'm feeling a little snake bitten still, so not so confident that we do, in fact, keep our power all the time.

A few neighbors came over to play Monopoly with Connor. He outlasted them all to claim victory. They played in the basement a bit and then after the other children were gone, Connor started another game with our babysitter (who lives with us - don't think I made someone came into work today!). After that, he said that he was tired of Monopoly. I hope he remembers this feeling and Monopoly will quietly slip into a thing of the past. That would be a true blessing delivered by the storm.

One of Connor's friends peeled off the game rather early and went to play babies with Helen. Talk about heaven! Helen even lined up a playdate with her the next day, and another parent is taking the boys for more board games tomorrow. Woot!

Ed carved finished carving our pumpkin with Helen and Connor, we both got some work done, and we finished off the night with a game of Yahtzee, some crafting, and bananas foster.

If the storm brings the zombie apocalypse, my mummy is totally ready.



  1. Glad to hear it didn't hit too hard there... it's just now arriving here with wind and rain.