Sunday, October 7, 2012

Saint Michael

As the days have grown shorter, Helen has definitely sensed the change of seasons. She's already started doing lantern walks around the neighborhood (a tradition in Waldorf schools) and this past week, she started reenacting the story of Saint Michael. Saint Michael's story is retold annually during Michaelmas, and this year appears to have been very meaningful to Helen.

Essentially, the story of Michael is about conquering your dragons in this season of darkness, thereby bringing light. The second graders in Helen's school perform the story as a play, and in this year's play, a rather quiet girl wields the sword. It appears that has been incredibly empowering for Helen.

For the past few days, Helen has been marching around with her wooden store, declaring that she will slay the dragon and calling out "I am Saint Michael!". She also dons a golden cape I made Connor a few years ago when he wanted to be a hobgoblin for Halloween. Oh how I love seeing that cape get an extended life.

Helen's baby, Flower, is posing for the camera here.
We all, of course, have dragons to slay. My personal dragon for this season is the numerous small spaces in my home that have become filled with clutter. I'm trying to go through one small space each evening in the hopes that my home will be closer to clutter-free at the end of Winter. Also, I'm resisting the urge to settle into the metro rather than ride my bike to work.

May we all find a way to slay our dragons this season!


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