Thursday, October 25, 2012

Holiday Card Time!

I've been working on being more organized, lately. The problem is, that becoming more organized has an immediate cost - my time, with hopefully a long-term pay-off. My plan has been to go through small spaces in my home, declutter them, and then try and maintain them in their new state of declutter.

In doing this project, I have come across 7 years worth of calendars I have sent my parents and in-laws for Christmas. I love these calendars. Sadly, they take a fair amount of time to put together which brought me to my latest task - organizing the photos from the current year, so that I could put them in some sort of order for the annual calendar. This organization is particularly annoying since I don't even have a nice, clean space I can admire when I walk through it.

But alas...if I don't start soon, I won't finish the task.

And, so long as I'm putting the photos in order, I might as well be a rock star and order my Photo Christmas Cards right now! Of course, I'm not nearly as organized as Helen's friend's mom, who sent me an email indicating she was busy making her cards the night before, and her son wanted to send one to Helen, so we may be getting an early Christmas card this year.

As always, I'm choosing a card that holds lots of photos, which surely makes up for my lack of sending photos regularly to the grandparents, right? I know, not really, but I like to pretend.

This year, our card is going to rival this one:

There are loads of special offers right now. Go grab one!


Disclosure: Shutterfly sent me an email reminding me about holiday cards, which inspired this post, and led to me making a mighty effort to get my cards out on time this year. In exchange for encouraging you to get your cards, they're buying some for me. Unfortunately, they are not also addressing them for me, so we all wait in suspense to see whether cards arrive on-time or late. Stay tuned. I've used this company on my own dime multiple times.

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