Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shutterfly Photo Contest!

This summer, we are taking five lovely weeks of vacation. We'll be hitting oceans on both coasts, and stopping in Kansas to head to the same camp my family went to when I was little. I'm betting my mom will have dug up some photo gems to share with Connor and Helen when we arrive.

I'll also be trying to win myself another vacation, because the moment I finish one vacation, I like to start planning the next. Perhaps I missed my calling as a professional vacationer.

I missed out on entering the first week, but I'm not sure I had anything that quite captured the spirit anyway. My entry for Week 2 is below. Find out the details and enter yourself at - or just click here.

•       Week 1(7/9): Americana
•       Week 2 (7/16): Great Outdoors
•       Week 3 (7/23): Water Fun
•       Week 4 (7/30): Sports & Activities
•       Week 5 (8/6): Parties & Celebrations

Helen has a new "best friend", and she has fallen for him madly. Thankfully, he fancies her as well, so her tendency to want to smother works out well. I wrangled a visit with her friend, Alexander, a few weeks ago while his big sister (who is Connor's age) was rehearsing for a show she was in. We headed over to Lacey Woods where all three children found logs that were quickly turned into magical things, with magical properties, but I'll tell you what was magical - watching three kids play together for a long time without bickering at all.