Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Summary of Learning in First Grade

Tonight, I started going through Connor's writing notebook. I learned the following.

9-27: Write about a time when someone helped you. "My mom helped me play soccer." For the record, I have no idea what Connor is talking about here. I don't play soccer.

1-2-12: "On Christmas morning I ran down stares. I saw a big pile of pres". Apparently, he was so excited by the reliving of this memory that he couldn't finish the word presents. And just how do you run down a stare?

In answer to another writing prompt which is not in the book, Connor wrote "We would do whatever we wanted to do." Good luck on that one, friend.

Facts about Susan B. Anthony. "She died in New York. She died in 1906. She worked in New York and Kansas." I have no idea if any of this is true, but way to fit Kansas in there!

Facts about Pocahontas. "Pocahontas made peace. Pocahontas learned how to read. Pocahontas was a princess." Clearly, she was busy. And clearly, girls are not the only children who are impressed by princesses!

A lesson on hygiene? "It is important to care for my teeth because if you do not have teeth, you can't chew." I see Connor has forgotten here that he doesn't actually like to eat. Having no teeth might be a good thing for him.

A budding environmentalist, in March he wrote "The dumps are almost full. They take some garbage to a barge that takes it far away. The environment is getting dirty." Then stop creating so much trash!

"If you give a dog a race car, he'll want to get a license. He'll want to be famous, so he'll go to the racetrack." Eat your heart out, Laura Numeroff.

Grading himself? "My poems good cas it has too in it a lot and it has 100 words." If only I could see the poem.

"I am silly."

Definition of a dragon. "A dragon is big and eats deer and is very fast." Thank you, I know just what I'm looking for now.

Baseball game. "A dude was going to 2nd base. I had the ball. I tagged the base. That dude was out." Yep, I saw it all.

5-15-12 "One time I was helping my mom set the table. Every dude was hungry." I'm not sure I've ever heard Connor refer to me as a dude.

"I will never eat brussel sprouts. I love to eat ice cream." Yeah, well what about brussels sprouts flavored ice cream?

The future. "When I grow up I want to be a bike racer caus I'm good biker." I hope so, because grammar isn't your thing.



  1. have him talk to scott about the bike racing thing. he has done it since he was 10.

  2. These are hilarious. Love the use of "dude".