Monday, July 30, 2012

July Vacationing: Chincoteague 2012

We took back-to-back vacations in July, heading first to Chincoteague and then to Cape May.

Prior to the start of our trip, Helen and Connor had reached a point in the summer where they were making each other a little nutty. I enrolled them in only one week of camp (which they participated in together), precisely because I wanted them to have a summer of playing together. Too much of a good thing? Maybe.

In any case, cramming them into a car for our annual trek to Chincoteague either went really well or so badly that I've blocked it out because only a few weeks later, I have no memories of the event. Did I sleep the entire ride?

We arrived to our friends already settled in, and Connor and Eamon wasted no time picking right up where they left off last year - boogie boards.

It's amazing how much time those things can consume. Helen tried her hand at the boards a bit, but she'd still prefer to play in the surf and head out deep with someone holding her.

And Connor suddenly looks a lot older to me. Is it a sign that summer's almost over and 2nd grade will be starting soon?

Day 1, in the books!


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  1. Love Chincoteague. Dave and I got married there! Nice to see pictures of it now that I'm not sure when we'll make it there again.