Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Writing Was on the Wall

A few nights ago before bed, Connor and Helen decided they would perform puppet shows. Before beginning, Helen announced she would perform two.

First, she took her beloved toy cat that she pilfered from Grandma Lynn and covered her with a little cloth. She then removed the cloth in a very mysterious way (mimicking how Connor does this, which is how each puppet show at his school begins).

“Once, there was a cat.”
Cat walks out.
“It said ‘meow, meow, meow;”.

Not much on plot, but she is only two.

Next, she repeated the ritual with her “crying bunny”. Crying bunny is an adorable soft toy that my friend Kerri gave Connor when he was born. The eyes are little blue stitches. Connor steadfastly referred to the bunny as sleeping bunny, but Helen has decided it’s crying bunny.

“Once, there was a crying bunny.”
Bunny comes out.
“It said” and then Helen looked a little confused “hop, hop, hop”.

Now it was Connor’s turn. Helen sidled up next to him so she could have a very close viewing spot for the upcoming performance. Connor wanted her to sit in more of an audience spot as opposed to practically on stage, but he finally decided he could start the show without her moving.

Connor covered his dog Pugsley.

“Once there was a dog named Pugsley. He liked to eat cats and bunnies.”

At this point, a very worried look washed over Helen’s face. She tried to conceal cat in her palm and shove bunny under her legs, but it was no use. Puglsey came over and started going “chomp, chomp, chomp”.

Helen: “No Connor, Puglsey CANNOT chomp baby kitty and crying bunny”.

Eventually, Ed ended the torture, only to have Connor repeat it instantly as his second show.

I’m not sure Helen will sit quite so close to the action next time.


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